Since 1967
We started out as a little mom and pop business in the heart of Salt Lake City, UT and most of the time we were just working to see the little things. Little margins, a little growth and the little smiles on our customer’s faces. What started out as the humble beginnings of a small, family-owned business, evolved into a trusted and nationally acclaimed supplier of industrial storage solutions. Little dreams turned into big dreams and Jorgensonmailboxes.com formed out of a historic passion for efficient and progressive storage products. Regardless of our current or future milestones, we continue providing you with the same small company commitment that is now paired with big company capabilities.

Your Business is Our Business
Our motto with Jorgenson has always been “Strong on Customer Service”, and because of our big-hearted dedication to customers, we turn clients into friends who know that we genuinely care to serve them. Our primary goal is to deliver the top mailbox products at unbeatable prices that are the most competitive in the business. Not sure what style you need for your home or business? We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you in finding the perfect mailbox, whether your needs are big or small. Our hand-picked selection of mailboxes includes leading industry products in the residential, commercial and private varieties. We have put meticulous effort into creating an intuitive, customer-friendly website that makes it easy to locate your desired product without hassle. If our website doesn’t resolve all your mailbox needs, call our customer service and one of our friendly mailbox advisors will provide you with one-on-one assistance!

Looking Ahead
A momentous 46 years of building the Jorgenson brand has allowed us to see what separates us, and what has illuminated our success. From the beginning until now, we know that our memorable customer interactions are what gives our brand its authentic, small business quality. In the years ahead, you know you can always count on Jorgensonmailboxes.com to give you incomparable customer experience with a people-oriented brand that always has your best interests at heart.


Jorgenson Mailboxes