Private Distribution Mailboxes

Private distribution is a convenient and simple method for businesses and residential buildings to monitor and organize the incoming and outgoing flow of their mail. In these types of deliveries, USPS personnel will simply bring deliveries straight to the designated employee who will then sort and allot the mail to its appropriate place. A private delivery option is ideal for high-rise buildings, dormitories and apartments that allow for personal sorting of indoor deliveries. If you have chosen a private delivery unit for your mail system, you can choose from any of our USPS Approved or Non-USPS approved mail units. In this case, we provide options such as our vertical and horizontal styles that include our wall-mounted 4B and surface-mounted vertical mailboxes. Just like our other styles, these private mailboxes have also been constructed to reduce everyday wear and tear with hard-wearing materials, resilient finishes and complete security measures to make maintaining your mail a highly efficient process.