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The following terms and conditions are for use on JorgensonMailboxes.com and must be complied with in order to purchase products or other interactions on this domain. Your non-verbal agreement is in accordance with our terms and conditions policy should you choose to continue on the site. If you disagree with any of our written practices thereon, we ask for your immediate termination of activities on this site or other sites in affiliation to JorgensonMailboxes.com. These terms are subject for revision at any time, and we reserve the right to do so without any advance notification.

Our intent is to list the most accurate and current prices possible for our entire line of products and services but we acknowledge that mistakes can still occur. In the event of a clerical error, verbal misinformation, programmatic or otherwise; we reserve the right to make a necessary price adjustment or cancel the order, (even in the case that an order has been processed and has been charged to the customer’s credit card.) If such a cancellation of your order should occur, we will promptly issue a refund in the amount that was initially charged to the card. We do not claim or make guarantees that our site is free of errors at all times; therefore, we release liability for inconveniences that might result from a pricing or other related error.

JorgensonMailboxes.com requires that all online purchases be paid for in full and at the point of checkout. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience. Per our usual policies, we generally do not accept first-time purchase orders originating from private companies. Considerations of purchase orders may be made upon occasion, following approved credit verification and upon full review from the accounting department and management at JorgensonMailboxes.com.

Quotations given for product pricing and shipping fees, will hold their validity for up to (30) thirty days. JorgensonMailboxes.com reserves the right to decline orders or modify these quotations at any time and within any reason.

Product specific information stated in descriptions and specifications are subject to change, and may be altered intermittently without prior notice. Weight values are approximate and are based on shipping weight calculations that may vary. Products can be discontinued at any time and modifications such as design updates can be made without notice.

Damaged Goods
JorgensonMailboxes.com thoroughly and carefully inspects all items before shipping from any of our distribution centers to ensure they are free from damage in any way. In order to ensure your own protection against damages that may occur in shipping or through the shipping companies we use, we strongly suggest precisely and close personal inspection of contents upon delivery, before signing off from the shipping company, for verification that the product has not been damaged in any way. If product appears to be flawed or defective, please refuse shipment at delivery and write “PRODUCT DAMAGED” on the delivery sheet. If items should be accepted at delivery, damage claims will not be allowed by JorgensonMailboxes.com.

Returns and Cancellations
Any and all returned products must meet the required eligibility specifications and be returned within (30) thirty days. The products must also include a signed Returned Goods Agreement intact. Items must be shipped and prepaid by the customer and must also be in their original packaging. A refund will be given based on approved inspection by Jorgensonmailboxes.com staff. Restocking fees may apply. Please view the Returns and Cancellations Policy here for full disclosure and instructions.

JorgensonMailboxes.com guarantees an item’s condition only as long as the manufacturer warranty is valid. Warranties cannot be transferred and will not cover any damaged incurred by incorrect assembly and/or installation, shipping, overloading; misuse including modifications, alterations, vandalism or careless use. Items that were purchased in used condition are sold “As Is” are not covered under any warrantee.

JorgensonMailboxes.com disclaims and refutes any expressed or implied warranties within its site regarding its material, content, products and so forth. This site operates on “As Is” basis and denies any legal responsibility for damages resulting from either accidental, consequential or otherwise.

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